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The safety of residents and visitors in Shaunavon is one of our top priorities. We continuously strive to make Shaunavon a safe place to live for people of all ages. The addition of Pedestrian Crosswalk Lights in high-traffic areas is one of the ways we are able to help protect pedestrians while crossing the street!

There are currently 4 solar-powered pedestrian crosswalk lights installed in Shaunavon:

- Centre Street and 5th Ave

- Center Street and 6th Ave

- Centre Street and 7th Ave

- 2nd Street W and 3rd Ave

We kindly remind pedestrians to take advantage of this new safety feature, and to press the button (and look both ways) prior to crossing the street. “As a pedestrian, be aware of the potential dangers of sharing the road with drivers who may not always see you.” (SGI Website).

Below are some highlighted tips for both pedestrians and drivers from the SGI Pedestrian Safety page:

Pedestrian Responsibilities:

- Before crossing the street, you must look left, then right and then left again to see any oncoming traffic. Give drivers enough time to stop in icy conditions and, when the road is clear, proceed as quickly as is practical to minimize your time on the road.

- Always be mindful of turning vehicles. Your legal right to cross the street doesn’t mean that a driver automatically sees you. If possible, make eye contact with a driver before proceeding.

Driver’s Responsibilities to Pedestrians:

- You must always yield to pedestrians at crosswalks, which can be anything from imaginary extensions of the sidewalk to painted markings on the road with safety lights. You must stop before the crosswalk and remain there until all pedestrians are safely across the road.

- Be alert when travelling in school zones because young children sometimes don’t pay attention to oncoming vehicles. Be on the lookout for crossing guards and always obey all pedestrian signs and lights.

- When you do stop for pedestrians, understand that it takes time to cross icy streets safely. Give pedestrians the time and space they need, and don’t proceed until they’ve completely cleared the road.

This information is important for individuals of all ages, so please remind your loved ones to always practice pedestrian safety!

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