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The Town of Shaunavon is initiating a more effective Back Alley Maintenance Program this year. A new box scraper attachment for the skid steer is being utilized to effectively scrape down ridges and fill in bumps to level out our alleys. Gravel is then being deposited in the alleys to finalize the improvement of the alley surfaces.

The success of this program requires some help from our residents! Obstructions such as bushes, hedges, overhanging branches, and garbage bins encroaching the alley make it difficult for the machinery to maneuver through and effectively perform maintenance.

An assessment of the alleyways throughout Shaunavon has been done to identify these obstructions that may prevent our crews from completing this program effectively. We kindly ask that if you have received a letter, or if you notice any of these obstructions from your property encroaching on the alley, to take care of these obstacles so they do not impinge on the alley maintenance. We ask this be done in a timely manner so that our crews may complete this project efficiently and effectively!

Thank you for helping keep Shaunavon beautiful!