Results of CAA's School Zone Safety Assessment at Shaunavon High School

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On Monday, June 20, 2022, a CAA School Zone Safety Assessment was conducted at Shaunavon High School in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan. Staff from the Town of Shaunavon, the Shaunavon RCMP detachment, and community volunteers worked onsite in teams to track risky behaviours performed by motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists in the school zone.

“The CAA School Zone Safety Assessment is an online application (app) that tracks the identified risky behaviours and ultimately provides education and awareness about the importance of school zone safety,” said Lona Gervais, Communications Specialist for CAA Saskatchewan.

The results are collected and given to the school community to share with staff, students, families, community partners, and decision makers regarding necessary steps to improve the safety in their school zones. Bonnie Lingenfelter, Regional Bylaw Officer for the Town of Shaunavon, remarked “[…] We will use these results to make safety improvements in our school zones and playground zones.”

This is the Town of Shaunavon’s third CAA School Zone Safety Assessment. The first assessment was at Shaunavon Public School on March 29 and the second at Christ the King School on May 17.

According to the June 20 Shaunavon High School assessment, the top hazardous driving behaviours that motorists perform in the school zone are:

- speeding

- failing to stop at stop signs and;

- not signaling a lane change or to turn.

The top risky pedestrian behaviours are:

- jaywalking and;

- failing to look both ways before crossing the street.

The top risky cyclist behaviours are:

- not wearing a bicycle helmet and;

- failing to stop at an intersection.

“Thanks to CAA Saskatchewan for providing us with the CAA School Zone Safety Assessment App and for their assistance with our assessments,” said Tara Fritz, Chief Administrative Officer with the Town of Shaunavon. “We will review the data and make some recommendations to improve the safety for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists in our community.”

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