School Zone Crosswalk Awareness – funding approved for Flashing Pedestrian Crosswalk Signs at Shaunavon School Zones

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The Town of Shaunavon’s top priority is the safety of the community’s children and citizens. We strive to promote safety through education and awareness of safety practices, and implementing safety measures where necessary. The Town of Shaunavon’s goal is to increase school zone crosswalk awareness by installing flashing pedestrian crosswalk signs at each of Shaunavon’s schools (Christ the King School, Shaunavon Public School, and Shaunavon High School) as part of our School Zone Safety Initiative.

A CAA School Zone Safety Assessment was conducted at each of Shaunavon’s schools to identify key safety problems that occur. Results demonstrated various risky behaviours performed by motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike. Infractions observed in high volume included speeding, jaywalking and failing to look both ways before crossing the street. Having flashing pedestrian crosswalk signs at the school zones will make it easier for drivers to see pedestrians crossing the street, and will help increase the usage of the crosswalks by pedestrians, to reduce the chance of traffic injuries and increase safety overall.

The Photo Speed Enforcement (PSE) committee has approved a total of $13,258 from the Provincial Traffic Safety Fund Grant for Shaunavon’s community project, and $7,000 of funding was received from TC Energy’s Build Strong Community Giving Program. These funds will assist with purchasing 3 sets of flashing pedestrian crosswalk signs to be installed in each of the three school zones. We are grateful to have the support of these funds to assist in promoting and ensuring school zone safety throughout the community.

The Town of Shaunavon team plans to install these flashing pedestrian signs later this summer and in the early fall.


A reminder to all drivers that the speed limit near parks, schools and playgrounds is 25km/hr, 24 hours a day. Drivers may not exceed the 40km/hour speed limit throughout Shaunavon.

Thank you for practicing traffic safety and for helping keep Shaunavon safe!