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Section 1 Replacements - COMPLETE

Section 2 Replacements - COMPLETE

Section 3 Replacements - COMPLETE

Section 4 Replacements - Week of July 25: hydrants 22, 34, 33 and 35 were completed, finalizing section 4 (other than hydrant 24 that will be done later in the evening or on a weekend, as noted in the map provided).

*Crews will not be digging the week of August 1st (as shown in the dates outlined for each Section on the program map provided).

Section 5 Replacements - Hydrants 49 & 50 have been replaced. Replacements in Section 5 will continue starting on Monday August 8th. *Please note that water services for properties in Section 5 will be interrupted intermittently for up to 3-4 hours at a time while replacement is underway.

We emphasize that the Hydrant Replacement Program being executed by the Town of Shaunavon has 2 main goals in place: Public Safety and Water Quality Improvement. With these two goals in mind, this project will benefit all users of Shaunavon’s water distribution system. Please visit https://www.shaunavon.com/…/hydrant-replacement…/ for more information on the program goals.

Note: The Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory remains in effect for the Town of Shaunavon until the project is complete and tests deem the water safe for human consumption.

If residents and businesses have any questions regarding the Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory, please contact the Saskatchewan Health Authority at (306) 778-5280.

Helix Construction and the Town of Shaunavon team are working closely together to execute this program in a timely and efficient manner.

We thank everyone for their cooperation and understanding during this time. Follow this Facebook Page for updates.