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The Town of Shaunavon has received the test results from the Roy Romanow Provincial Laboratory which deem the Town of Shaunavon water as safe for human consumption. The Water Security Agency is satisfied with the results and has RESCINDED (“a.k.a lifted”) the Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory in the Town of Shaunavon.

The Town of Shaunavon allocated $371,000 towards the Hydrant Replacement Program between 2021 and 2022, with a total of 39 hydrants being replaced. The successful completion of this program contributed towards two of the Town’s key goals in place, being Public Safety and Water Quality Improvement:

  1. PUBLIC SAFETY - Public Safety is the Town of Shaunavon’s top priority. Replacing the older slide gate fire hydrants that were reaching the end of their lifespan was done to ensure that the operability of the Town’s fire suppression system is at full capacity in the case of fire emergencies.
  2. WATER QUALITY IMPROVEMENT - Having safe and exceptional water quality is another high priority. Because Shaunavon’s fire hydrants are connected to the potable drinking water system, replacing the hydrants gives the Town necessary flush points to be able to conduct a more efficient and effective flushing program to remove sediment that can cause occasional discoloration of the water in your home or business. Therefore, this program contributes to the Town of Shaunavon’s Water Quality Improvement Strategy, which will benefit all users of the Shaunavon water distribution system.

A tremendous amount of hard work and team collaboration between the Town staff, Helix Construction, and communication with the community were essential to the success of the program. Thank you to our staff and contractors for your time and hard work put in during this project!

We also would like to recognize the Salem Lutheran Church summer program children for their kind words dedicated to the Town staff and contractors who executed the Hydrant Replacement Program. 🥰

We thank everyone for their patience and understanding throughout this project!