Introducing ME TIME

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The Grand Coteau Heritage and Cultural Centre, Shaunavon Library, Shaunavon Wellness & Leisure Committee, and Economic Development Committee have partnered to create a novel community program called Me Time.

The Me Time initiative’s slogan “Together – for the health of it!” focuses on bringing community members together to connect one another through activities to enhance our individual health and well-being.

“The initiative began because of a recognized need for solutions to help our community members cope with mental health and well-being challenges such as isolation, stress, and anxiety,” stated Tammy Willman, Program Coordinator at the Grand Coteau Centre. In an effort to reach a wider demographic and to diversify the activities offered, Grand Coteau Centre staff reached out to the Shaunavon Library, Shaunavon Wellness & Leisure Committee, and the Shaunavon Economic Development Committee to partner on the Me Time initiative. The Town of Shaunavon Communications Officer is assisting with creating promo materials and facilitating the promotion of the initiative and various programs.

“It is an amazing partnership,” commented Willman, “each partner brings a lot of value to the table with their connections to community members who have interests in sport, business, culture, the arts, and lifelong learning.” Willman went on to state that Me Time is intended to be a positive, inclusive, and life-affirming experience geared toward participation by adult individuals, couples, or groups of any size. “We wanted to focus on adults because that is where we see the biggest need for this initiative,” said Willman, “our whole community benefits if our young adults, parents, seniors, volunteers, business owners, community leaders, and workers in all sectors have an increased sense of connection and well-being.”

The Kickoff Event for the Me Time initiative will take place on Tuesday Sept 13th @ 7pm at the Grand Coteau Centre Gallery (440 Centre St). The night will include 2 presenters, Jaelee Guenther BSP of Jae’s Pharmacy and Dr. Anne Davis, who will speak on the positive impacts that connection, inclusion, and a healthy lifestyle have on an individual’s well-being. Coffee & treats will be sponsored by Jae’s Pharmacy, as well as a chance for people to socialize and ask questions.

Me Time will involve each of the partner organizations taking turns offering various low to no-cost activities that adult community members can experience over the next 10 months! A calendar will be released outlining the activities planned for each month. The activities being offered by each partner will cover a variety of interests and be presented in an inclusive, safe, and welcoming environment for all participants.

The organizers are excited to welcome all individuals aged 18 or older to participate in the Me Time activities and hope to enhance everyone’s well-being through connection!

We hope to see you next Tuesday! Follow this page for more details on events and programs being offered!