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You may have noticed a number of properties with new sidewalks around Shaunavon! These property owners are helping to further invest in our community with the assistance of the Town of Shaunavon by taking part in the 50-50 Sidewalk Program.

The Shaunavon 50-50 Sidewalk Program was created to help promote safety and infrastructure renewal in the Town of Shaunavon, by providing property owners with assistance in paying for the half the costs of replacing deteriorated sidewalks.

Over the past few years, the 50-50 Sidewalk Program has exploded in popularity, with 16 projects being approved in 2020, 15 projects in 2021 and 22 projects in 2022.

This year, a total of $93,839.65 was invested by property owners and the Town of Shaunavon combined. From 2017-2022, a combined total of $370,012.17 has been invested into Shaunavon’s sidewalks, equating to a total of 4,909 linear feet of brand-new sidewalk in the Town of Shaunavon, or a total of almost 21 blocks!

The Town of Shaunavon provided temporary signs this year to recognize the property owners who utilized this development incentive to keep their property safe and beautiful! It is great to see residents and businesses investing in our community.

Apply to get on the waitlist for 2023!

Full information on the 50-50 Sidewalk Program, including the application form can be found on the Town of Shaunavon’s website at