Lots 18-22, Block 15 Property Update

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The Town of Shaunavon would like to provide an update concerning the fenced empty lot on the corner of 3rd Avenue and 1st Street W (Lots 18-22, Block 15).

In 2021, the building that was located on this property was inspected and deemed as dilapidated. For the safety of residents, the removal of this building was deemed an emergency by Council as per the resolution from the August 11, 2021 Council meeting. Demolition took place in November 2021, where fencing has remained present for the safety of residents until the lot is returned to a state that is safe to the public.

During demolition, the building was inspected by a contractor who indicated the presence of potential soil contamination based on the contents found in the basement of the building. Once the building was demolished, soil samples were collected but they produced inconclusive results as they were collected during the winter months. Once the ground thawed in the spring, an official Certificate of Analysis was then sent to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment in June 2022. The Ministry of Environment deemed the soil as being contaminated by hydrocarbons, which means additional necessary steps need to be taken to properly care for the site before any backfilling or other steps can be taken.

The Town of Shaunavon proceeded to receive title of the property and tender a Request for Quote, to evaluate and approve a qualified firm to provide professional environmental services to conduct Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments on Lots 18-22, Block 15, Plan B3185 in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan that has petroleum contamination.

This contractor will now move forward to complete Phase I and Phase II of the site:

Phase 1 – collect historical data of the site

Phase 2 – lay out a comprehensive scope of work for corrective action that will need to be taken.

The Town of Shaunavon is taking all the necessary steps to ensure this property is dealt with properly as per the Ministry of Environment standards and will provide updates as they become apparent.

Thank you!