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The Town of Shaunavon and Shaunavon RCMP have partnered to initiate a Positive Ticketing Program in Shaunavon called “Project Positivity” that will run from June 1st until the end of September.

Shaunavon RCMP Officers and the Regional Bylaw Officer will be on the lookout for youths demonstrating personal safety acts throughout the community. When an officer “catches” a youth in the act, they may reward them with a “positive ticket” which youth can bring to one of the local businesses participating in the initiative to redeem for a prize!

Youth may be rewarded a positive ticket if seen exhibiting the following acts:

  • Wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle, scooter, skateboard, etc.
  • Displaying bicycle safety i.e. hand signals when turning or stopping, walking their bike when crossing a street, etc.
  • Using the crosswalks and light up crosswalk signs where applicable.
  • Any other acts deemed as portraying personal safety.

Currently we are putting a CALL OUT TO BUSINESSES who would want to participate in this program. Businesses involved would be willing to donate some sort of small prize (i.e. a treat, drink, chocolate bar, ice cream cone, etc.) in exchange for a positive ticket brought in by a youth.

If your business would like to participate, contact Lauren Johnson, Economic Development Officer, at 306-618-5958 or email by no later than Wednesday May 24th at 4pm. We are also looking for donations from businesses to put together a grand prize to be drawn at the end of the program!

Positive Ticketing provides a vehicle for community organizations and local businesses to work together in emphasizing positive reinforcement of desired behaviours in our young people and celebrating the leadership they are showing in Shaunavon! Further, Positive Ticketing aids in developing healthy relationships between youth, the RCMP, the Bylaw Officer and the community!