Elm Pruning Ban LIFTED Sept 1

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You can prune your elm trees beginning Sept. 1!

Each year, the pruning of elm trees is prohibited from April 1 to August 31st to reduce the risk of Dutch elm disease (DED). The beetles that spread the deadly disease are most active during this period and fresh cuts attract them.

Regular pruning, outside the ban period, helps keep trees healthy and better able to resist all types of diseases, including DED.

For more information, visit: https://www.saskatchewan.ca/.../elm-tree-pruning-ban… To contact a licensed tree trimming business, visit the Shaunavon Business Directory https://www.shaunavon.com/directories/businesses/

Please dispose of all branches for FREE at the Southwest Waste Management Landfill. **A reminder that The Town of Shaunavon’s compost pile is for leaves & grass clippings only - no branches, and all compost items must be removed from their plastic bags.

For more information about the landfill, including hours, rates, and accepted items please visit https://www.shaunavon.com/.../-gar.../-landfill-information/