Shaunavon Receives Additional Funding for Impacted Site Phase II Assessment

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The Town of Shaunavon is pleased to say that we have received additional funding from the Impacted Sites Fund to assist with Phase II of the Environmental Site Assessment at the property located on the corner of 1st St West and 3rd Avenue. The Town of Shaunavon was the first successful applicant for this funding, receiving $36,800 initially for Phase I, and has since been approved an additional $35,174, for a total of $71,974 from the Impacted Sites Fund to help with the costs of environmental site assessments at the property.

Contamination was discovered at an abandoned property that the Town of Shaunavon acquired in tax arrears in 2022. This funding will help determine the extent and magnitude of the contamination impacts through Phase I and II assessments, so we can sell the property and recover the unpaid tax losses and other expenses already incurred. Phase II assessment includes drilling and soil tests, which will be underway in the near future.

The Impacted Sites Fund was established to provide municipalities with financial support to address orphaned environmentally impacted sites, creating economic and social development opportunities. The program is funded from fines collected when an infraction occurs under The Environmental Management and Protection Act, 2010. As fines are collected, additional funding will be available for municipalities through the Impacted Sites Fund.

To learn more about the Impacted Sites Fund, visit Impacted Sites Fund | Hazardous Materials and Safe Waste Management | Government of Saskatchewan at