Co-operatives First highlights Shaunavon Opportunity Fund Cooperative

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Co-operatives First highlights Shaunavon Opportunity Fund Cooperative as being a “trail-blazing group that has now started the first investment co-operative in the province.” BACKGROUND: In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan were struggling. Though government supports were available, some found they didn’t meet the criteria. Many small businesses couldn’t find financing options that met their needs. The Shaunavon Economic Development Committee got to work on the problem. The committee, which represents the prairie community of around 1,700 residents, thought an investment co-op could help give business owners a boost. By creating a fund in which local people can invest, the co-op could lend those funds to small businesses for things like start-up costs, equipment, renovations, and expansions. The businesses get the money they need, and local contributors see a return on their investment.

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Lauren Johnson, Town of Shaunavon Economic Development Officer, positively remarks that our businesses collaborating and helping eachother out is what makes Shaunavon such a tight-knit and safe community, where “In Shaunavon your neighbor is your friend and your friend is there to help you.