Embark on a Twinkle Tour!

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The lights and decorations from Shaunavon community members were so wonderful to look at and judge! Special thanks to those who registered for this year’s twinkle tour! Make sure you take a drive around one evening to see all the beautifully lit up displays: 898 1st St. E - Merry & Bright winner 860 1st St E - Merry & Bright winner 531 1st St E 281 3rd Ave W - Holiday Traditions winner 692 2nd St. W - Holiday Traditions winner 465 2nd St W 470 5th St E 529 3rd St E

*Please note that the judges didn’t feel any submissions fit well under the title “A Disney Delight”, so being that it was such a hard decision for the judges to decide, there are 4 winners altogether! See the Twinkle Tour map to see these cheerful holiday houses and more awesome decorations that are around town!

Click Here for the Twinkle Tour Map

For those of you that are not able to go around to all the Christmas displays, we will create a slide show of the ones that were submitted for the Twinkle Tour so you can watch it on our Facebook after Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone