2023 Property Tax & Utilities FINAL NOTICE

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REMINDER: Property Tax & Utility Payments DUE

We hope everyone enjoyed themselves over the Christmas weekend! With the end of the year upon us, we would like to kindly remind residents that the deadline for payment of 2023 utilities and property taxes is swiftly approaching. Property Taxes and Utilities are due ON OR BEFORE Friday December 29, 2023 BY 4PM. *** Please ensure that payments MUST be received IN OUR OFFICE on or before this day. If you are mailing a cheque, paying by etransfer or paying through your financial institution please allow 4-7 business days for processing payment. If payments are sent on December 29th, but not received in our office until January, they will be considered LATE If Property Tax Payment is not received by December 29th, there will be a 12% penalty added onto each unpaid tax amount on each tax account. For more information call (306) 297-2605 or drop in at the Town Office. The Town Office is open Dec 27, 28 & 29th 8am to 4pm.