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A member of the community has reported mischief that has occurred at the Crescent Point Wickenheiser Centre today (Wednesday January 18th) over the noon hour (between 12pm and 1pm).

During this particular instance, young adolescents have littered candy in the public washrooms located in the downstairs lobby of the CPWC.

There have also been cigarette butts found in the stairwells at the CPWC on previous occasions. This is problematic for multiple reasons, including the fact that the fire suppression system is located in the stairwells, where smoking may trigger them to activate.

We are bringing attention to these occurrences to make the public aware of what these types of actions to our facilities can do. These cases of mischief show a lack of respect for our facilities, take staff power to clean up after the instances, and can be damaging to our facilities overall. Due to these instances reoccurring, we are looking into alternate measures of security in order to protect and care for our facilities.

We please ask everyone to respect our facilities as we are proud of the great amenities we have in Shaunavon and work hard to care for these facilities to keep them in good condition for all to use.