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The Town of Shaunavon will be having a grader come in to assist with snow removal on the evening of Sunday January 29th, 2023. Grading the streets helps to remove the packed snow and ice that accumulates over the winter. Removing this build up of snow helps with drainage as it keeps the storm drains clear and reduces the amount of runoff on our streets in the spring time.

The areas where snow removal will be occurring are the following:

2nd Street West

3rd Street West

4th Street West

Grading will begin at MIDNIGHT on the evening of Sunday Jan. 29th, therefore residents will need to ensure their vehicles moved from the designated areas. If vehicles are left on the street, they will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Please see the map below with the highlighted locations where snow removal will be done.

The graded snow will be removed from these areas on Monday January 30th at 6:00am and will continue on Tuesday January 31st if necessary.

Thank you for yielding to snow removal equipment as they operate throughout the coming days and thank you for your co-operation during this time!