Get ready for Spring at the Greenhouse!

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Saturday, March 11

2:00 PM

Meet at the Shaunavon Florist and Garden Centre.

Jacqueline White, owner, and lifetime grower will offer a workshop on “How to Design an Outdoor Planter” for your unique space using the ‘thriller - filler - spiller’ concept. Whether your spot is sunny, shaded, dappled sun, or windy, there are tips for everyone.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions about gardening following the presentation, plus you’ll get to tour the greenhouse and see what’s new this year!

Wait, that’s not all! Everyone in attendance will receive a $10 gift coupon* which can be used towards a plant purchase at Shaunavon Florist and Garden Center this spring.

Can’t attend but want to learn? This event will be live streamed on the Shaunavon Florist and Garden Center Facebook page. Be sure to check it out! *please note, only those in physical attendance will receive the $10 gift coupon.