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The Town of Shaunavon Public Works staff are busy working hard to clear snow in town since this last heavy snowfall. The staff follow a list of locations in priority sequence in the event that a HEAVY snowfall occurs where it limits mobility. These locations prioritize emergency routes and high traffic areas, then progress to side streets:

- Airport

- Hospital

- Center St from 1st Ave to 5th Ave

- Third Ave from 2nd St W to 2nd St E

- Remainder of Center St & 3rd Avenue

- Seventh Ave W from 4th Street East to 4th St West

- Other Avenues & Streets as required

- Airport Hangars

Starting TONIGHT (Wednesday March 15th), the Town of Shaunavon will have a grader come in to assist with snow removal over the next 5 days.

Areas highlighted in the maps below have been assigned a day that they will be graded.

Grading will take place beginning at midnight on the evenings outlined in the schedule (these dates can be seen on the bottom right corner of the map). Equipment will come take the snow away the evening following the grading.

Residents MUST ensure that vehicles are moved OFF THE STREET PRIOR TO MIDNIGHT on the scheduled grading days.

If vehicles are not removed from the street by this time prior to grading, they will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Staff will are also focusing on clearing the snow from around storm drains, where in the instance of a quick increase in temperatures, having these drains clear is crucial for proper drainage to reduce water accumulation and flooding in areas.

We recognize some streets do still have snow build-up, our staff are trying to get there as soon as they are able. We thank everyone for their patience and cooperation as we progress through snow removal. We ask that you share this will family, friends and neighbours who do not have access to Facebook.

Thank you!