Pest Control Underway: Gophers

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The Town of Shaunavon will be pursuing efforts in managing gopher populations this spring to decrease negative impacts of gophers which includes land/property damage, disease transmission, and walking hazards.

To accomplish this, Rozol (a grain-treated pesticide) will be placed in bait stations where gopher ingestion of the grain-fed pesticide will cause extermination a few days later. Each bait station will include a label indicating the use of pesticide. For full information on the pesticide used, you can view the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) on our Public Notice page: A total of 20 bait stations will be utilized and positioned throughout the following locations:

  • Hillcrest Cemetery
  • 1st Avenue along the train tracks
  • Ball Diamond area
  • Around the TransCanada Walking Trail
  • Green space east of the Shaunavon Hospital & Care Centre
  • Benchview green space With this in mind, the Town of Shaunavon is reminding pet owners to always keep pets on leashes when in open parks, green spaces, cemeteries and trails, as per the Animal Control Bylaw. This pesticide is harmless to birds and non-target animals (only very large amounts ingested result in negative health impacts for larger animals). There is minimal chance of secondary poisoning, but pet owners should still be cautious and observant of their pets when out walking. View the Town of Shaunavon’s pet leashing protocols in the Animal Control Bylaw: Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in keeping Shaunavon safe and beautiful.