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The Regional Bylaw Officer will work in the Town of Eastend, Village of Frontier, Town of Gull Lake, and the Town of Shaunavon. The Regional Bylaw Officer will receive general direction from each respective Chief Administrative Officer/Administrator.
Lingenfelter will investigate complaints from citizens, Town departments, Council, and other government agencies with respect to alleged infractions of the Town’s regulatory bylaws and will undertake appropriate action to gain compliance by negotiation, Council, or Court.

The Town of Shaunavon Council has declared the permittance of a body/dash camera to be utilized by the Regional Bylaw Officer while on duty. The Regional Bylaw Officer shall notify the citizen being addressed that they will be video and audio recorded during the time of the encounter.

The purpose of the implementation of this type of surveillance is to maintain transparency and to protect both citizens and the enforcement officer.

Report Suspected Bylaw Infractions:

Suspected bylaw violations can be submitted to the Shaunavon Town Office in writing or by dropping off the Bylaw complaint form. The complaint form is available at the Town Office or download the form here. To aid staff in responding to your complaint in a timely manner, please ensure the following information is completed on the form:

  • Your name and phone number for contact, if follow-up is required
  • The address and location of the property for which you are submitting a complaint
  • A short and concise description of the complaint

Any personal information you provide is confidential and will not be disclosed to the subject of the complaint. It is important to have the complaint in writing for future references.

What happens after I submit a bylaw complaint?

  • The staff at the Town Office will file your complaint into the system and then forward it to the Bylaw Enforcement Officer.
  • The assigned officer will visit the location of the complaint to conduct an initial inspection. Depending on the volume of complaints and available time, it may take several days before an initial inspection occurs. Complaints are handled on a priority basis.
  • If there appears to be a bylaw violation, the officer will take appropriate action to achieve compliance, depending on the type of violation.

The following are Town of Shaunavon Bylaws, Policies & Forms that are frequently requested by residents.

For information on Bylaws, Polices & Forms not included in this list, please contact the Town Office.


Shaunavon CAA School Assessments

Shaunavon CAA School Assessments

The Town of Shaunavon has installed flashing pedestrian crosswalk signs at each of Shaunavon’s schools (Christ the King School, Shaunavon Public School, and Shaunavon High School) as part of our School Zone Safety Initiative. This initiative was created due to the observation of continuous risky behaviours in our school zones by our Regional Bylaw Officer. A CAA School Zone Safety Assessment was conducted at each of Shaunavon’s schools to identify the key safety problems that occur. Access each CAA Assessment by clicking the links below:

Shaunavon Public School CAA Assessment - March 29, 2022

Christ the King School CAA Assessment - May 18, 2022

Shaunavon High School CAA Assessment - June 20, 2022

Derelict Vehicle Removal Program

Derelict Vehicle Removal Program

Not sure how to deal with that derelict (aka junk) vehicle in your yard? We have a solution!!

Back in May this year, the Town of Shaunavon partnered with A&B Auto Centre where property owners could register the vehicle with the Town Office, and A&B’s tow truck would remove the vehicle free of charge to the owner. Since this program received such a positive uptake, it is continuing to be offered to Shaunavon residents!

If you own a derelict vehicle that you would like removed from your property, you may phone the Town Office at (306) 297-2605 during office hours to sign up for the program.

View the Nuisance Abatement Bylaw for more information

Shaunavon Positive Ticketing Program

Shaunavon Positive Ticketing Program

The Town of Shaunavon Regional Bylaw Officer and Shaunavon Police Officers have begun handing out “positive tickets” to youth in the community as Project Positivity has begun! Youths demonstrating road safety behaviours throughout the community may be rewarded with a “positive ticket” which can be redeemed the a local business on the back of the ticket for a prize! Some road safety behaviors include utilizing the light up pedestrian crosswalks, wearing a bike helmet when riding a bicycle, or other safe behaviors as officers see fit!

Businesses will keep the tickets brought in by youth and those tickets will be entered into a draw for a Grand Prize at the end of the program! Stay tuned for more information about the Grand Prize as the project progresses!

Positive Ticketing provides a vehicle for community organizations and local businesses to work together in emphasizing positive reinforcement of desired behaviors in our young people and celebrating the leadership they are showing in Shaunavon! Further, Positive Ticketing aids in developing healthy relationships between youth, the RCMP, the Bylaw Officer and the community!