Development Incentives

The Town of Shaunavon offers a variety of incentives to encourage Economic Development by encouraging the construction and renovations of residential, commercial and industrial buildings within the Town of Shaunavon.

Shaunavon 50-50 Sidewalk Program

Shaunavon 50-50 Sidewalk Program

Does your sidewalk need to be replaced?

The Town of Shaunavon will pay half of the cost! This program is FIRST COME FIRST SERVED with limited funds available for 2023. If you notice your sidewalk is deteriorated and want to replace it this year, apply soon to avoid disappointment! Once the program is full we still encourage you to apply to be on the waitlist for 2024.

The Town of Shaunavon will cover the entire cost of the replacement when the work represents less than 25% of frontage of the property. Work greater than 25% of the frontage of the property will be done either as a local improvement or custom work at a cost share of 50 – 50 with the property owner. Under the program, property owners pay back their 50% via an interest free loan over 3 years.

Questions or want to apply? Contact The Town of Shaunavon Office at 306-297-2605.

For full details, please download the Policy and Agreement Form below:
Shaunavon Sidewalk Replacement Policy
Sidewalk Repair &/or Custom Work Agreement

Shaunavon Property Improvement Program

Shaunavon Property Improvement Program

Let’s make Shaunavon (even more) beautiful!
Are you a commercial or industrial property owner? Do you want to improve your curb appeal?

The Town of Shaunavon is offering tax relief to commercial & industrial property owners in the value of 50% of exterior improvement costs - up to $10,000!

First Come First Served.
Submit your application soon!


  1. Set your project
  2. Apply along with two quotes to the Economic Development Officer
  3. Get approved
  4. Complete your project
  5. Receive your tax abatement the following year

Questions? Contact The Town of Shaunavon Office at 306-297-2605.

For full details, please download the Policy and Application Form below:

2023 Property Improvement Policy
Property Improvement Incentive Application Form

Tax Exemption Incentive

Tax Exemption Incentive

Do you want to develop a property in the Town of Shaunavon?

You may be eligible for our tax exemption incentive.

Property owners who improve the value of their property by an assessed value of $20,000 or more can receive a tax exemption for 3-4 years on that improved portion of the property!

Questions? Contact The Town of Shaunavon Office at (306) 297-2605.

For full details, please download the Policy Form below:

Town of Shaunavon Tax Incentive Policy

Shaunavon Dilapidated Building Program

Shaunavon Dilapidated Building Program

Promoting the beautification of The Town of Shaunavon by facilitation the demolition of privately-owned dilapidated buildings at a 50-50 cost share with property owners.

What Properties are Eligible: All properties taxed as commercial, residential or industrial located within all sectors of the Town of Shaunavon that have been determined to be a ‘Dilapidated Building’. Properties that have been issued an Order to Remedy do not qualify.

How Much is the Incentive: The incentive is in the form of a 50-50 cost share with the property owner for a minimum of $500, to a maximum of $20,000 before taxes. The Town of Shaunavon will pay 50% of the eligible costs (up to $10,000). The property owner can either pay back their 50% immediately, or receive an interest free loan for 50% of their eligible costs (up to $10,000).

A minimum of TWO (2) separate firm quotes of work from a contractor other than the owner, are to by provided by a Contractor other than the owner.

For full details, please download the Policy and Agreement Form below:
Shaunavon Dilapidated Building Policy
Shaunavon Dilapidated Building Policy Agreement

Sewer Line Replacement Policy

Sewer Line Replacement Policy

Does your home or business experience frequent or recurring sewer blockages?

The Lateral Sewer Line Replacement Policy encourages the replacement of private property lateral sewer lines within the Town of Shaunavon.
The Town of Shaunavon devised this policy to assist eligible property owners with upgrading their private property portion of lateral sewer lines. Eligible properties must be connected to an existing refurbished main line.

This incentive is in the form of a 50/50 cost share that would cover up to $9,000 of work, with the Town covering costs up to $4,500 and providing an interest free loan for the property owners 50% (up to $4,500 before federal and provincial taxes) for up to three years.
Payment in full upon completion is also accepted.

First Come First Served.

A total of 5 applications must be approved for the project to proceed for that year. Applications will be valid for ONE (1) calendar year. If LESS than five applications are received within a ONE-year period, no work will be completed and applicants must reapply the following year. If more than five applications are received, they will be approved on a first come first served basis, and remaining applicants will have to reapply the following year.

Property owners who are eligible for this program will receive a letter indicating their eligibility. We are accepting applications from eligible properties the 2023 year, please note that this program is **First Come First Served.__ Properties who are eligible is based on those with lateral sewer lines that are directly connected to refurbished lines

Questions? Contact The Town of Shaunavon Office at 306.297.2605.

For full details, please download the Policy and Agreement: Sewer Line Replacement Policy