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The Economic Development Strategy was developed over the past year by EDO Lauren Johnson, in collaboration with the Town, the Economic Development Committee and guidance from MuniMentor Consulting Co. Economic Development was identified as a primary goal in the Town’s Strategic Plan (2017-2022), with a major component of that being the creation of an Economic Development Strategy.

The process of creating the Economic Development Strategy involved a significant input and feedback from the community and local businesses through surveys, one on one conversations and focus group sessions.

This document will serve as a guide to help the Town and Economic Development Committee moving forward to further build and establish our community as a hub for business and tourism. It provides direction, achievable goals and implementable actions so that we are able to track our progress over the next 4 years.

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Shaunavon's 2020 Community Profile

Shaunavon's 2020 Community Profile

Have you been dreaming of leaving the city to pursue your dreams of successful small business ownership? If you can dream it, you can do it. Escape to small town Shaunavon, SK where opportunity is endless and community is everything.

Download our 2020 Community Profile to learn more about how Shaunavon is right for you.

Included in the Town of Shaunavon’s 2020 Community Profile:
• Misson Statement & Values
• Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Shaunavon
• Location, Market Access & Transportation
• Local Government, Services, Population & Demographics
• Education Attainment, Income Levels, Labor Force
• Real Estate & Rental Market
• Business Climate & Economic Development
• Development Incentives
• Healthcare Facilities & Hospital Services
• Educational Facilities
• Senior Services; Places of Worship
• Heritage & Culture
• Wellness & Leisure, Recreational Amenities
• Events & Accommodations
• Local Attractions

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Economic Development Committee

Committee Members:
Mike Greenlay -Chair
Travis Nelson
Grant Greenslade
Norm Lavoy
Oren Scribner
Liz Spetz
Bob Thomas Kelsey Stevenson

Lauren Johnson

Economic Development Officer

(306) 618-5958 (Email)