Pet Owner's Information

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Dogs and Cats three (3) months of age and older are required to be licenced.
Licences are to be purchased by January 31st each year.

Licence Fees: Cats and Dogs

  • neutered or spayed: $10.00
  • non-neutered or non-spayed: $20.00

Be a Responsible Pet Owner:

  • Do not allow your Dog or Cat to run at large.
  • Clean up after your dog and your cat, at all times.
  • Do not allow your dog to create excessive noise.

The animals listed on this web page have been impounded by the Town of Shaunavon and are currently located at the Shaunavon Animal Clinic. If you have lost your pet, please look through the entire list to see if your pet is listed.

Every attempt has been made to list all dogs and cats impounded in a timely manner, however, there may be circumstances that prevent your pet from being listed. Searching through the web page should not be considered a substitute for personally coming to the Animal Clinic and looking for your lost pet.

If you have located your pet on this web site, please call 306-297-2605 and identify your pet by the Pet Identification Number. Then come to the Animal Clinic during normal operating hours, with personal identification, to arrange redemption.

All dog and cat owners should obey the Town of Shaunavon Bylaw for Licensing, Regulating and Controlling Cats and Dogs.

Common-sense tips to protect your pets:

  • Fence your yard and check it regularly for escape routes. For the safety of both your pet and visitors (wanted or unwanted), keep yard gates locked.
  • Leash your pets at all times and don’t allow them to roam.
  • Keep a collar on your pet that has an ID and CURRENT tags.
  • Transport your pet in a carrier. Never take your pet to the Vet or anywhere unless it is secured.
  • Get some good photos of your pet.
  • Both males and females will be less likely to wander if they are spayed or neutered. An added benefit is that they will live a longer, happier, healthier life.