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Public Notice - Council & Committee Meetings

Town Council

Topic: Town of Shaunavon’s Regular Council Meeting
Time: Tuesday, September 19, 2023 at 7:30 PM. Where: 401 Third Street West - Council Chambers

Council Meeting Agenda - Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Council meetings are open to the public


On Tuesday September 26th and Wednesday September 27th Public Works will be doing routine hydrant flushing in Shaunavon. Shaunavon’s fire hydrants are connected to the potable drinking water system, where hydrant flushing is performed twice a year to remove any settled sediment, contributing to the Town of Shaunavon’s Water Quality Improvement Strategy. Slight discolouration of the water may occur during those dates, opening a tap or fixture and allowing the water to run should remove any discolouration. Residents are advised NOT to wash clothes during these times. Thank you!

2023-2028 Town of Shaunavon Strategic Plan

2023-2028 Town of Shaunavon Strategic Plan

The Town of Shaunavon is proud to announce that we have finalized our 5-year Strategic Plan for the years 2023-2028! Over the next five years, our plan is to focus on socioeconomic growth, community inclusiveness, and effective governance through transparent communication to offer the highest quality of life to our residents and support the needs of Southwest Saskatchewan. The new Strategic Plan encompasses similar themes to the previous 2017-2022 Plan, with some slight shifts in focus for the strategic direction based on what Council and Administration heard from the community.

“As your Mayor, I am proud of what Shaunavon can offer and accomplish as a community and I look forward with working with you all in achieving the goals laid out in this plan. […] Being a community of choice means that we must sustain a high quality of life for all ages through quality facilities to support a variety of lifestyles. During such, we will continue investing in the Town’s core infrastructure and business sector to provide a safe and sustainable environment for everyone. Together, we can make this all possible” – Mayor Kyle Bennett

Town Administration and Council will be following the strategic direction of the plan laid out moving forward. A public Town Hall will be held in the fall to present the progress of the new Strategic Plan. Throughout the week, we will be highlighting the 3 main goals that have been established on our media platforms.

We are looking forward to continue working with our residents and surrounding areas to make Shaunavon a community of choice to live, work, play and invest!

2022 CCBF Road Improvement Project

2022 CCBF Road Improvement Project

The Canada Community-Building Fund (CCBF), formally known as the Federal Gas Tax Fund program, is a permanent source of funding provided to provinces and territories, who in turn flow this funding to their municipalities to support local infrastructure priorities.

In 2022, the Town of Shaunavon used $296,545.84 of its Canada Community-Building Fund allocation for road improvement projects which included recap paving in nine locations with asphalt for approximately 11,633 sq m and Slurry Seal an additional 20,903 sq m.

For more information on federal infrastructure funding, visit: .



We are notifying residents that Tax Notices have been sent out. A discount of 3% applies to the municipal portion of your property taxes if paid in full now until June 30th, 2023. If paid during the month of July, a discount of 2% applies. The month of August you will receive a 1% discount. Please note that Property Taxes are due by August 31, 2023 before penalties apply. A charge equal to 1.5% of the amount that remains outstanding on current taxes will be added on the first day of September, October, November and December. Upon the expiry of each calendar year, a penalty equal to 12% of the aggregate amount that remains unpaid on December 31st is added on January 1st. Not sure what amount you need to pay?

  • Do NOT pay the “total” amount, the “total” is what is owing BEFORE discounts or penalties.
  • DO pay the “net amount” in the chart at the bottom of the page.
  • Pay the “net amount” that lines up with the month you are paying in. View the photo below for reference of the correct amount to pay on your bill. Our office staff will be happy to confirm the correct amount that you should be paying over the phone at (306) 297-2605 OR in the Town Office. ***NOTE: the following picture is an EXAMPLE ONLY and the numbers do not apply to anyone. Acceptable methods of payment are included in the images below. For more information please visit: