Regional Business Directory

We are excited to release the Regional Business Directory.

The communities of Climax, Eastend, Frontier and Shaunavon have created a collaborative online directory where people can find a list of all operating businesses who hold valid resident business license within each respective municipality.

The intent in creating the regional business directory is to promote utilizing local businesses and to provide residents throughout the area with information on businesses that operate throughout the region.

When you need service, you can look through the regional directory, find a business that can fit your needs and support local within the partnering communities.

All businesses listed on the regional business directory are able to operate without purchasing individual business licenses in each of the 4 partnering communities.
If you do not rent or own a commercial property, you are required to maintain a business license in only your municipality of residence.

Individuals or businesses who reside outside of the four partnering communities will still be required to purchase a business license in each municipality that they choose to carry out work in and they will not be listed on the regional business directory.

Check out the directory HERE