Shaunavon RCMP

Shaunavon RCMP Contact Information

Non-Emergency: 306-297-5550

Address: 690 Centre Street, Shaunavon
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-4pm

**When to Call 9-1-1 **Don’t let non-emergencies compete with real ones. Know the difference between when to call 9-1-1 and when to report your situation to the non-emergency line. 9-1-1 is for police, fire, or medical emergencies when immediate action is required.

Call non-emergency (306-297-5550) to report a crime with no suspect (ie: theft)

Calls for Service

The Town of Shaunavon and Shaunavon’s RCMP detachment are working together to keep you informed. Check back often for media releases; tips on how to stay safe; and information about our emergency services.

Calls for Service June, July & August 2021

Calls for Service April & May 2021

Calls for Service January & February & March 2021

Calls for Service November & December 2020

Calls for Service October 2020

Calls for Service September 2020

Calls for Service July & August 2020

Calls for Service June 2020

Calls for Service May 2020

SaskCrime Watch / Everbridge The ‘Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory Network’ provides the Shaunavon RCMP with the ability to communicate directly with the public on matters of crime prevention. Local RCMP Detachments will send out Crime Watch Advisories when a crime has been committed and the RCMP are asking the public for assistance. Advisories are intended to provide credible, timely information to the public of criminal activity in their area.

Lock it Or Lose It The Town of Shaunavon & Shaunavon RCMP are reminding residents that you can help protect your personal belongings by locking your house, garage and vehicle.

If you notice that you have been a victim of theft, please report it immediately to the Shaunavon RCMP.