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UPCOMING PAVING 2024 Paving in Shaunavon will be underway starting Thursday May 30th and continuing through next week on the areas outlined in GREEN in the map. Please note that there will be limited or no street parking and limited street access on these blocks during that time as crews work at those locations.


  1. 2nd St. E(1st Ave to 2nd Ave) 310‘ x 34‘
  2. 3rd Ave. (1st St E to 2nd St E) 376‘ x 83‘
  3. Centre St. (3rd Ave. to 4th Ave.) 496 x 82‘
  4. Centre St. (5th Ave. to 6th Ave.) 543‘ x 53‘
  5. 3rd Ave. W (2nd St. to 4th St.) Two strips of 623‘ x4‘ on each side of street. Crews will be patching locations where Gate Valve Replacements were completed as well, outlined in the PURPLE in the map. During this time, please slow down and yield to paving crews and be courteous of cones and closure signs to keep workers safe!

Thank you for your patience as we improve our streets and continuously work on keeping Shaunavon beautiful!